Artificial Intelligence in marketing

IA para Marketing

It is a method that leverages intelligence technologies to collect data and information about customers, in order to make automated decisions. This is achieved through data analysis, machine learning, and other processes to obtain information about the target audience. In this way, marketing managers can gain a deep understanding of their customers’ behavior and create strategies that increase the return on investment of their campaigns.

We present you 3 examples where AI is transforming marketing:

  • Content generation: AI has the ability to generate content and show it to the appropriate audience by selecting the most efficient platforms to reach users. Artificial Intelligence can help define a solid content strategy in a much more efficient and straightforward manner.
  • Chatbots: This is one of the most commonly used tools by companies, as they are present on their websites and are excellent at answering the most frequently asked questions from customers, helping to reduce wait time and improve the customer experience. In the future, chatbots will be even smarter, communicating with humans using responses generated in real-time and taking charge of customer service.
  • Consumer behavior: Through Machine Learning and big data analysis, AI can provide companies with deep data and information about their customers. Companies can personalize touchpoints and interactions with their customers, as well as predict their future behavior based on previous data. Through this, they can predict what customers will buy and in what quantity. This will help the sales team with inventory management, demand forecasting, which products to promote, and to which type of audience.

Additionally, marketing managers can identify which customers will be excluded from the campaign, match customers with the products they would buy, and avoid promoting irrelevant or out-of-stock products.

In recent years, AI has been advancing in all industries and companies, greatly impacting the marketing area, offering significant benefits, and its scope is rapidly growing.