3D Visualization, tips for maximizing and applying this type of content.

Visualización 3d

The advancement of digital technology has made the use of images increasingly relevant in different commercial and academic spaces. 3D visualization is one of the most innovative tools in this sense, because through the visual impact generated by this format, it becomes more understandable and didactic for people to comprehend a message or project an idea. Almost any company, public entity, and other organizations can use 3D visualization as a valid resource that generates great recall and increases profitability in the case of commercial objectives.

To better understand the importance of 3D visualization, we can imagine school tasks, in which different study topics were explained through models, such as the functioning and activity of volcanoes or the projection of the solar system to scale; all of those didactic classes were supported by 3D resources, although in those cases, they were not in digital media but physical ones.

Now, let’s imagine all the possibilities that can be achieved by developing 3D visualization audiovisual products, in which spaces, products, places, procedures, or any other type of process can be simulated, where, as the popular saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” And if it’s in 3D, the result is tripled.

The first thing you should do, if you have a company or are part of an educational institution, is to think about what products or processes you would like to communicate to others more assertively. Let’s take two organizations with different intentions as an example, to whom 3D visualization could be of great use.

The first one would be a construction company that has several real estate projects to present to its clients in a novel and impactful way, in which they feel as if they were in the spaces thanks to 3D simulation. The most recommended thing in this case is to create a virtual model of each project where the common areas, parking lots, rooms, and apartments in general can be recreated.

In this case, a 360-degree visualization could be taken into account, a trick that adds greater reality to the experience that the potential buyer can live, allowing them to move the image to their liking and imagine the measurements and paces with greater realism, something that undoubtedly helps to speed up the decision-making process of buyers.

The second example we can think of is that of a healthcare center that wants to explain to patients how a disease works and how it affects the human body. Through 3D visualization or a mobile application, it is possible to convey the message more clearly to people who may not know much about anatomy. In this case, there would be no commercial sense to the 3D visualization, but rather it would be completely educational.

All these visual resources with great possibilities can be found at XY Studios, a company made up of Colombian talent that helps organizations translate ideas into innovative digital content, including 3D visualization and augmented reality animation.

Another sector that could find in audiovisual products an effective way to convey a message is that of public entities. Imagine that the government plans to build a tunnel that connects two regions and reduces travel times and costs. Undoubtedly, the most appropriate way to explain to citizens the details of the project, funded with public resources, is through a 3D visualization of the tunnel architecture, where details of the work can be analyzed and general information can be included.

It should be noted that videos or virtual tours are not the only inputs that XY Studios offers to organizations. 3D visualization can also focus on detailing specific products hosted on mobile applications or websites. If a shoe brand wants to showcase its new collection, it can resort to the reconstruction of the product in 3D, which allows the potential buyer who enters the website a visualization to their liking, where they can change the perspective of the shoe by moving the mouse or manipulating the touchscreen on cell phones or tablets.

If you want to learn more about all the possibilities you have to showcase your products, research, or projects, visit www.xystudios.co and receive the best advice from experts in the world of 3D visualization and other digital resources.