4 steps to develop virtual reality projects with XY Studios

Over the years, the use of images as a communication method has evolved to the point where any type of organization currently has an exposure and marketing strategy focused on conveying the message in the most effective way possible. The use of new digital technologies such as virtual reality has taken projects of this type to incredible levels, providing opportunities for companies and other types of organizations to enhance their corporate model and reach more people through virtual reality images.

With this in mind, entities have started to develop virtual reality projects more clearly to boost their growth, make themselves known to the public, and facilitate the way users understand the activities that each organization performs, regardless of whether their goal is to sell a product through digital commerce, explain a disease to clinic patients, or teach the operation of an engine to mechanical engineering students.

To achieve these types of objectives, there are professional teams such as XY Studios, dedicated to offering solutions to companies, universities, public entities, or other types of organizations that want to improve their communication models through virtual reality projects. Therefore, in this blog post, we will discuss the basic steps that organizations should take if they want to carry out virtual reality projects with XY Studios.

  • Think that nothing is impossible

Perhaps the first step in developing virtual reality projects is to believe that anything we can think of is possible. Thanks to the advanced technological tools available today, it is possible to create realities that are almost tailored to each organization, something that a few years ago seemed like it was only possible in science fiction movies, but now it is within reach of any entity that wants to convey its message.

  • Be clear about what you want to communicate

It is essential for effective virtual reality projects that each organization has a well-defined idea of what they want to convey to their users, so that XY Studios’ creative team can identify the message and then present different technical proposals that revolve around the organizational objective. It is always more advisable to have clear purposes that help to define how the virtual reality images will be presented, for example, knowing whether the goal is to sell a product, present a project, provide educational information, among other things.

  • Identify representative images

Virtual reality projects are based primarily on images that can bring audiences closer to the information being transmitted, so it is crucial to have a list of possible objects or elements that can be protagonists in the virtual reality audiovisual pieces. For example, if a bank wants to develop communication strategies of this type, it can use piggy banks or cards as visual references, while a real estate agency that wants to do the same can use buildings as the basis for representing their projects.

  • Where will the pieces be exhibited?

The wide range of possibilities offered by virtual reality projects includes various types of devices and digital spaces in which the created pieces will be presented, from websites to sales rooms or waiting rooms. In this sense, it is essential to know how each organization’s users will receive the message in order to determine how interactive or entertaining it should be.

For example, a bank that uses virtual reality to explain ATM operations and displays them in physical offices cannot rely on interactive audiovisual pieces that require customer action to play, while a clothing brand that wants to showcase products in its digital catalog hosted on the web can allow users to interact and move each product to learn about its details.

Beyond following these small steps to develop virtual reality projects more efficiently, every organization that uses the services of XY Studios will have the possibility of receiving personalized support from the team of professionals and creatives who will help refine ideas and consolidate communication strategies.

If you want to learn about the audiovisual service portfolio of the brand, we invite you to explore the XY Studios catalog.