Top 4 Augmented Reality Projects in Colombia

The visualization of projects in the world has radically changed since the expansion of digital technology, which has experienced an accelerated growth that seems to have no limit. Gone are the days of flat exhibitions on canvases or rigid models. Thanks to augmented reality technology, users can now experience immersion and directors can explain the ins and outs, details, and characteristics of each project using interactive and innovative resources. In Colombia, the use of augmented reality has not gone unnoticed, so we bring you the top projects that use this format.

Almost any company or organization can benefit from the use of augmented reality, and there are specialized teams to advise entities that want to delve into this digital world, such as XY Studio, a group of audiovisual professionals with extensive experience in creative processes that offer companies and other users a more efficient way to showcase their project using augmented reality and audiovisual material.

  • Infrastructure Road Projects

In the last two decades, Colombia has experienced a phenomenon of expansion and construction of the road network that connects the entire country through national and regional roads. To achieve this, public entities have had to develop general plans to determine the layout of the roads, but they have also ventured into the world of augmented reality to make future projections of how the terrain will look once the works are completed.

It is worth noting that the development of audiovisual pieces includes general data on the number of kilometers intervened, costs of the works, delivery dates, and other relevant information that can be used to educate the surrounding communities that will benefit, potential private investors interested in financing the works, and even to see the progress or delays of the projects.

  • E-commerce projects

In terms of e-commerce projects, companies dedicated to this field have found augmented reality to be an essential sales tool. Through this audiovisual resource, they can showcase their products interactively, allowing people to observe details of sneakers, clothing, shoes, and even cars, which can be changed in color, add or remove accessories.

This situation fostered by augmented reality is a benefit for both the consumer, who can be sure of the product they are going to buy, and for the selling company, which can expand its catalog and offer a better service through this interactive tool.