The X milestones that will mark this year in augmented reality.

Hitos realidad aumentada

Immersive technology is present in our daily use and continues its path towards the future; the usefulness of augmented reality encompasses different areas and professions.

This technology has gone from being a separate chapter in our history to becoming a gear that every day manages to surprise and amaze us even more, which is why its popularity has increased in recent years. This has led users to seek new immersive experiences through augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

Some of the milestones that are already marking this year regarding augmented reality and will continue to evolve through this technology in the coming years include:

  • A new era in terms of entertainment. In Japan, there are around 4,000 augmented reality avatars that are recognized YouTubers, which slowly translates into a new era of entertainment that will mark all areas. It has even been suggested that these animated characters could be TV hosts or presenters at important events in the near future.
  • Integration of augmented and virtual reality with artificial intelligence (AI). All of this is currently being done through computer vision, allowing for greater understanding and interaction with the environment.
  • More precise medical technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Google currently has a microscope, for example, which is a vital tool for the medical community, as it can detect cancer cells in tissue samples through augmented and virtual reality.
  • Remote assistance. Through augmented reality, companies can supervise remote operations in real time, where engineers or technicians can evaluate situations to solve problems.
  • Consolidation of AR cloud. The cloud now goes hand in hand with augmented reality, in which, through different applications and devices, information and shared experiences are obtained in specific locations and in real time. For example, a 3D map of the world to scale, which constantly updates us in real time about what is happening around the world.
  • Implementation of 5G network. This technology has the potential to increase the pace of data transfer in the cloud, and the processing of virtual images, leading to better quality through augmented reality.
  • Increased military power. With the help of this technology, each country’s armies can make tactical decisions more precisely, where they can perceive real-time aviation failures, and in terms of navigation, the ability to determine better routes.
  • Retail and e-commerce. With the support of augmented reality, a large number of consumers will purchase products online, as many companies will implement this technology to provide more immersive experiences to their customers, who can obtain a clearer and more real view of the products, from the comfort of their homes.
  • Physical assets become digital. This means that companies can create virtual versions of their products and objects, with great precision, to present their catalogs in a more interactive and immersive way with their customers, and this in turn, through augmented reality, they can interact from anywhere in the world in real time.
  • Augmented reality in education. This technology offers a series of applications that can help improve the learning experience of students through augmented reality; an example of this is that students can see how an object comes to life and view it from different angles, which helps to develop a better understanding, improving the mnemonic process of students.

The trends in augmented reality are paving the way towards a new technological era. At XY STUDIOS, we create immersive experiences with our users through innovative techniques, so that your company, products, and services can have a differentiating factor on par with the digital world.

We must be aware that virtual and augmented reality is completely changing our lives. Before these technologies, our interaction depended solely on two dimensions. Now, we create a real connection with our brain in a three-dimensional way, allowing us to access information in a more real and effective way.

Augmented reality will allow users to take digital content into their own hands, manipulate it, and combine it to their liking, without any limits of space or depending on a screen or monitor. It is an extension of our physical reality with virtual objects.